Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund

Taylor Emmons Scholarship Recipient

2011: Desmond Lindsay

"What I love about ODA are the extraordinary teachers and staff. Every teacher I have come in contact with while at ODA, regardless of if they are my direct teacher or not, has always had time to spend with me if I needed help. All the teachers (and staff) have been encouraging and supportive while guiding me (and every student) to stretch myself academically.  "Stretching myself" is not always something I want to do, but I am always grateful I did after the fact. The ODA teachers and staff are second to none! Thank you for being so dedicated to our school." -Desmond Lindsay, Class of 2015

The Scholarship’s first recipient Desmond Lindsay continues to make the fund, The Out-of-Door Academy and the Emmons’ proud with his achievements at school and on the baseball field. Desmond has helped the varsity baseball team to make it to the regional tournament for the 2012 season.

Brett Timmons, Desmond’s former teacher and coach says, “He enjoys learning about history, specifically military history. Desmond aspires to one day play major league baseball and pursue his dreams of playing for the Boston Red Sox.”

Katie Emmons says, “He possesses a lot of Taylor’s qualities. We have no doubt…he is going to carry on his name perfectly”.

Here’s what Desmond had to say about being chosen as the first Taylor Emmons Scholarship recipient:

“When I was told that I was being considered for The Taylor Emmons Scholarship, I was surprised and very excited at the possibility of taking on this challenge. Once chosen, I felt honored to be the first recipient of this scholarship and to be considered, as Mr. & Mrs. Emmons put it, 'as part of the Emmons family'. I feel blessed and extremely thankful to know that the Emmons have confidence in my representing their son's memory while attending The Out-of-Door Academy through high school. My goal is to make the Emmons family, as well as ODA, proud of their decision to invest in my future. I am grateful to everyone involved for their confidence and trust in me to uphold this amazing honor.”

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A note written by Desmond’s mother, Robin Lindsay:

Dear Mike, Katie and all contributors to the fund:

I just want to express to you how much the Taylor Emmons Scholarship has meant to Desmond and me. When you guys first met with us in May of 2011 and told us that you had chosen Desmond to represent Taylor’s name as the first recipient of the Taylor Emmons Scholarship I was speechless. I felt so blessed to know that my son had been selected to receive such a tremendous honor. I have seen great strides in Desmond’s maturity level since starting 9th grade at ODA and I contribute it to his desire and drive to represent Taylor’s name to the highest level possible and to the level that your family deserves and would be proud of. Desmond would have never had this opportunity without the amazing selflessness of the whole Emmons Family. I think about this fact every day and how this wonderful opportunity will remain with Desmond for the rest of his life. I am tremendously grateful and I want to thank you both for having faith in my son and for allowing him the opportunity to do great things.