Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund

About Taylor Emmons

The Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund was created in the wake of Taylor's untimely tragedy. Although Taylor's life was cut short he managed to accomplish more in his 19 years than most people wish for in their lifetime. Taylor's life was full of appreciation, gratitude, kindness and accomplishment. He was fortunate to have many experiences yet never took anything for granted. Family was very important to Taylor. From a very young age Taylor was always concerned for others around him. In 5th grade he earned the trust of an autistic boy in his class and always made sure he was attended to and taken care of at large events, where he knew this boy would struggle. During his High School years at The Out-of-Door Academy he got involved with the backpack program, which he and his classmates would stuff backpacks for children through All Faiths Food Bank.

At the The Out-of-Door Academy he excelled in academics, sports, was voted Vice President of his senior class, Homecoming King, and voted student with the most school spirit. It was Taylor's spirit and energy that touched so many people he encountered. Although the hole created by his absence can never be filled, his family has created something positive in his honor. And so the Taylor Emmons Scholarship was created and will be awarded to at least one deserving young student each year that otherwise would not have the means to attend this private school.

Taylor Emmons' stats for his 3 years combined
at The Out-of-Door Academy

Offensive Stats
Games played 72 | At Bats 210 | Runs 50 | Hits 76 | Singles 41 | Doubles 19 | Triples 3 | Home Runs 12 | RBI 75 | Total Bases 133 | K's 35 | BB 26 | HBP 6 | Stolen Bases 26 | Batting Avg. .362 | On Base % .500 | Slugging % .555

Defensive Stats
Over-all Defensive % .966

Pitching Stats
Innings pitched 200.2 | Batters Faced 749 | At Bats 635 | Hits Allowed 151 | Runs Allowed 110 | Earned Runs 63 | Base on Balls 80 | K's 177 | Earned Run Avg. 2.28 | Total Wins 11

Eulogy Mike Emmons gave for his son, Taylor Emmons, at his funeral...

I’ve decided to make some major changes in my life so If you don’t hear from me In the next few weeks you’ll know that you are one of them.

Some of you may be wondering about the picture on the front of the program. That picture was taken at our wedding, as Katie says Taylor was the one who brought us together and I know in my heart of hearts his spirit will keep it that way!

I woke up the other morning, sat down at my desk, began writing, and this is what came out! This is from my Heart.

Unfortunately I have had the experience a number of times to go to the home of someone whom has recently lost a child. I have sat in amazement wondering where the family gets the strength to move forward. Some have said you do it because you have to, but I now understand you do it because you can. The reason you can is because of all the love and support you receive from your family and friends who truly share your pain and take some it from you.

Our family thanks all of you from the bottom of our aching hearts and are truly amazed at all the acts of kindness shown by you all. In order to help ease your pain like you have all helped us, Katie and I want you to know that as difficult as this is, the burden is far less, because of the fact that there are no regrets. As our hearts grieve for the poor woman, who was involved in the accident, we’d like to relay the message to her as well as to you all, that there are no “what ifs?”  there is no thinking that “we wish we had done something different.” In 19 years there was not one time in which we didn’t end our conversations with Taylor with the words, I love you. Wherever Taylor is, he knows that we loved him every minute he was here with us and he was never shy to tell us he loved us as well. We have not one regret, he lived an incredibly full life in 19 years. He loved O.D.A, He loved Maine, He loved his fraternity, and above all he loved his family, friends, and his dogs. He traveled Europe with his Mother, He hit homeruns, He went to super bowls, He frequented Fenway Park, even attending the World Series there. He was wearing his Big Papi Jersey the night that Big Papi hit a walk off homerun to win the ALCS. He went to a Redsox game in the afternoon, and then watched the Celtics win game 5 against the Lakers that same night. He caught a sailfish in the Bahamas. When he was 15 years old he missed making a hole in one on the 365 yard, par 4 fifth hole at Kings dune, by four inches. He lived with his brother Mike last summer where instead of just being brothers they became best friends. He helped Sam with her homework even when he was in Miami. He spent an entire day with Scotty Cameron and his buddy Ivan in California. He skied in Colorado with his buddy Nathan. Got a Mohawk, gambled, and chased girls with Mike in Atlantis. He was homecoming King with sweet Gabbi Ballet, the girl Katie and I hoped he would someday marry.

He lived a very full life in 19 years; he touched a lot of people, as witnessed here today. Our family wants you all to leave here today, thinking of that wonderful mischievous smile, and we want you all to smile because that is what Taylor would want. Also know that Katie, Mikey, Sam and I will always be happy because we are blessed to have had Taylor William Emmons in our lives.

Thank you and God bless you and your Children.

Taylor William Emmons

Song about Taylor written by his friends.