Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund

Taylor's Trees

Every year The Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund raises money through the sale of gorgeous, hand-made, holiday wreaths from Taylor’s Trees, a tree farm in Maine planted by the Emmons family before Taylor Emmons’ life was tragically cut short.

Proceeds from the sale of these holiday wreaths benefit The Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund and any other partner organization. The goal is to not only raise much needed funds, but to help further the core missions of these charities.



"Last year, Mike sent a handful of us wreaths from Taylor’s Tree Farm. I was lucky to receive one and when it arrived at my door, I immediately opened it, took in the amazing fragrance and went to hang it. This was my first Christmas Wreath ever, so I was super excited." ~Malissa Bevan


"Mike, I am sitting here in my TEMMONS shirt (btw, I had a lot of positive comments on it when I was out doing errands today) and thinking of you, Katie, Mikey, Sam, and of course Taylor. The letter you sent recently was remarkably thoughtful, and like your homily last year at the funeral, your comments capture the spirit of Taylor, show an enormous amount of resolve, and make everyone who hears or reads your words feel better. That is a real gift to be able to do that, particularly in a time of personal tragedy. From where I am sitting, I can also smell the pine of the wreath in our living room - which not only brings back memories of places like NH and ME, but illustrates how Taylor's spirit will continue to positively impact others. Lynn, Christine, Steve and I wish your family all the best today and throughout the holidays." ~ Thomas LaFrance