Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund

Taylor Emmons Scholarship Recipient

2019-2020: Nevan Hernandez

The Out-of-Door Academy and the Emmons Family are honored to announce Nevan Hernandez as the ninth recipient of the Taylor Emmons Scholarship. Nevan epitomizes Out-of-Door’s five core values: respect, integrity, service, excellence, and responsibility. The selection committee was impressed by his track record of hard work and success, as well as the positive endorsements of Nevan as a natural leader, a dedicated student, a trustworthy young man, and a selfless teammate. He demonstrates his strong character in everything he does. Head of School David Mahler affirmed his selection, “Nevan will be a great ambassador for Out-of-Door and the Taylor Emmons Scholarship. His character and work ethic are impressive. We look forward to watching him make the most of this opportunity as he continues to grow and develop over the next four years in the Upper School at ODA.” Congratulations to Nevan and the entire Hernandez Family on this accomplishment.


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