Taylor Emmons Scholarship Fund

Taylor Emmons Scholarship Recipient

2021-2025: Ben Garcia

The Emmons Family and The Out-of-Door Academy are honored to announce Benjamin "Ben" Garcia as the eleventh recipient of the prestigious Taylor Emmons Scholarship. A young man of exemplary character, Ben possesses all of the qualities that the scholarship committee looks for in a candidate. A dedicated student, a successful Beta Club member and award recipient, and a committed student-athlete, Ben excels in all of his academic and extracurricular activities. Additionally, he is known for his respectful, kind, hardworking, and enthusiastic approach to life, and he will undoubtedly contribute greatly to the Out-of-Door community.

"Ben is an outstanding young man who will be a great ambassador for Out-of-Door as the next Taylor Emmons Scholar," said Head of School David Mahler. "He will make an immediate, positive impact at ODA." Congratulations to Ben and his family on this wonderful honor and recognition.


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